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Because 'birch perch' doesn't sound so cool

This is the inside of the Spruce Goose from the brand new observation platform, the excusereason xmurf, lilsquishy and I flew down to Evergreen.

(Shot through glass, and in very poor light. You should all go see it yourselves.)

The Spruce Goose is the largest plane in the world, and was built during World War II, when metal was rationed, so the hull and all structural components are made out of laminated birch. Control surfaces are shaped wood or webbed cloth. When they were building it, they nailed panels together. When the resins were dry and the wood shaped, they took the precious nails out.

The world's biggest aircraft is made out of wood, arched and domed like a cathedral, sliced thin as paper and layered in parabolas as strong and subtle as the dawn. Strange and fascinating place, human ingenuity.

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