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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Why does't my garbage disposal have a reboot switch? I can't compile it into debug mode, either.

Okay, so I overflowed the dishwasher the week after I moved in and put soap suds four inches deep on the kitchen floor, and now the garbage disposal won't - choked on celeriac peel. And here I thought I was safe from complaints about my strange cooking if I wasn't feeding it to any roommates. Everyone's a critic. Hrmph.

Any other exciting adventures I can look forward to?

(I think I just need an apartment written in lisp - functional, but with automatic garbage collection. And recursive closets.)

Current Mood: amusedinfinitely amused
(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Neat. What does it do, exactly?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Most garbage disposals have a 'reset' button somewhere around the base or on the side. (At least, every one I've had to fight with did.) It's usually a tiny red button that nearly invisible. A good flashlight helps, as you'll probably have to crawl under the sink to find the thing.

BEFORE you reset it, reach down in there and clean out the gunk you can find. (be careful of fingers, though the 'blades' aren't usually that sharp...) A lot of disposals, espically older models, have *real* problems with anything leafy or with peels thicker than your average potato.

Oh, and once you've cleaned it out and hit the reset button...just turn it on again. If THAT doesn't work, it may be a job for someone more knowledgeable that you or I.

I've tried cleaning out the gunk, actually (it seemed obvious), but there doesn't seem to be anything. The blades spin freely - I think the problem might be that the drain is clogged under them. Does that make sense?

My utter lack of clue about this is amusing me to no end. Fly a plane? Sure! Repair my car? Sure! Debug code in computer languages I've never used? Sure! Start an IV? Pick locks? Speak Navaho? Sure! Deal with a clogged garbage disposal? Er... uh... >whimper<.

If the reset button actually starts it up again, it may be the disposal is clogged before it gets to the pipe. In that case...sigh...it requires professional help. Try resetting it...if it dies again, you might try using a drain unclogger on the main drain (in a two sink system) or finding one thats safe for garbage disposals.

You ARE running water as you try to grind the stuff into oblivion, right? (grin)

If it isn't spinning (just hums, obviovsly annoyed) then clean out as much with your fingers as you can. Then look at the bottom of the unit. Most have a nut there which you can turn with an allen wrench. Turn it backwards to free the blades. Manually remove the material. Repeat until it works.

Then if it isn't draining (the two go together often), I recomend one of the small sink plungers.

I'd offer to come help, but we're approaching Sacramento.

Oooh, thanks. Exactly the sort of information I need. It is spinning just fine, actually, but if the drain is clogged below the blades, getting the blades out of the way should help me get at it.

I'm going to have to hide this post if I ever become a supervillain; I wouldn't want anyone to know my Obligatory Supervillian Weakness. While "Garbage Disposal Man" hasn't got much of a ring to it, the spinny ninja-star weapons'd be neat.

Ah ha...the reset button is for when it *isn't running at all*. NOW I understand your problem...

That's in the Evil Overlord List, isn't it? "I will not reveal my single secret weakness in a public LJ post."

Re: garbage disposals...

That might actually solve our problem. The blades on our garbage disposal are too loose and make a fearsome racket. I'll see if it works...

Re: garbage disposals...

I didn't explain this particularly well, largely because I was writing it from a PDA. What you're turning isn't actually a nut, it's just the end of the shaft on which the blades rotate. So you aren't tightening or loosening the blades, you're just rotating them by hand. If they're jammed on something, turning them backwards can free them.

For those who are wondering about the thrilling conclusion of Corvi Vs. the Disposal, I tried gfish's suggestion, but the clog was all the way down at the bendy elbow in the plumbing, which I'm sure has a name I don't know. So I went and got the complex's handyman, who took the pipes apart with a pipe wrench and cleared things out.

(I don't know if I'd ever seen a pipe wrench used on actual pipes before - I assumed that was a vestigal name, like 'duct tape' - I've only used such a wrench to build zero-gravity robots, or as a murder weapon. But 'murderous zero-gravity robot wrench' is a rather semantically unclear name, and I'd rather not publicize our robot's deadly misanthropy until I'm ready to actually ascend to supervillainhood.)

Right. No more celeriac peel down the disposal. Or cassava peel. I did offer the handyman some of my cinnamon celeriac-apple dessert. He was very amused.

This sort of thing doesn't cost me anything at this complex; I just wanted to try and fix it myself first, or at least learn more about garbage disposals than I knew before.

Garbage disposals in general hate anything fibrous. (Ask Craig about the time he put a pound of really old dried apricots down our garbage disposal... the night before Thanksgiving...) Celery, cardoon, cauliflower... It's a similar theory as why you can't use a weak (say, electric recharagable) lawn mower on really long grass...

This is a bad day for appliances. See my latest. (hotpoint, you better stay home tonight.)

Eeek! You win.

I had a garbage disposal when I first bought the house... It didn't work from the get go. One day I decided, hey, there must be a reset switch on it. I pressed the reset switch and engaged the disposal. It squealed, smoked, and kicked out again. I removed it and replumbed the sink with a regular drain. And the Ewoks may or may not have danced.

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