corvi (corivax) wrote,


These are the kanji I inked on gement at the NYE party.

Here's a very quick scribble of it so it's easier to see. gement, if you ever want to use this for anyting, please ask me to redo it.

gement asked me to find a kanji (or two) for the concept of 'balance'. There are, it turns out, about eight million of them. There's a single character derived from scales, with financial/trade overtones, and a whole bunch of multicharacter words. Also appealing were a couple of words that mean both 'balance' and 'health', but I didn't like them much, aesthetically - the infamous cooked-vegetables radical put in an appearance. Blech. Tempermental artist much, me?

This is chushin, yet another word meaning balance, core or center. But the reason I picked this one is that it also means "pivot" - the center of action, of motion, the stillness from which all motion proceeds. And that rung true to me - it felt like what gement wanted to commemorate. On the left is chu, a simple diagram for "center" - supposed to have once been an arrow piercing the center of a target. On the right is shin- heart/feelings/spirit, from a stylized sketch of a heart. Heart-centered. The stillness from which motion proceeds.

Incidentally, I hate shin as a character. It only looks right to me flattened (like it does in the actual tattoo I did on her) into a radical, and I repainted it many times tonight before giving up. Ah well.

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