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My roommate is Teaching Assistant for a biology class. As one of their labs, they were going to examine a coconut. Except, as usually happens with labs, they didn't quite get around to it. So I got a couple of coconuts.
When I was in Nicaragua, I had bread made with coconut water instead of water or milk. It was astoundingly good, dense and sweet, with a subtle flavor.
So, being a neophile cook, I had to try this.
We drove nails through the shell of the coconut to let the liquid out, and I strained it through a fine cloth. Dissolved the yeast in it, with a bit of ginger (I'm a big fan of small amounts of ginger in bread). Reduced the amount of milk needed, and used no water, but otherwise made my favorite bread recipe as usual.
It's astoundingly good! I'm quite pleased with myself. Mildly sweet, wonderfully soft (which is odd for this recipe, usually light and airy), with a difficult-to-place exotic flavor. I'm definitely doing this again.

(As a general rule, you don't want a neophile cook using your kitchen. I never actually follow the directions; there's always something neat I want to try. We won't even mention my last bread-making experiment.)

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