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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Mathematical meditation on sharp and shiny

These are all based on the logarithmic spiral log(d)*4+a, (polar coords: d is the distance from the center, and a is the angle) which looks like this:

With multiple rotated/transformed/inverted copies, etc. I was just goofing around, but some of the results are interesting. I was sort of aiming to get things that vaguely reminded me of some of the more important kamas (edged songknife) in the comic. They believe that humans, horses, and knives have souls - you can't buy a knife; you can only buy its name. (If you aren't following the webcomic, worry not - they're really just black and white spirally pictures. I'm just finding this an interesting exercise in figuring out what the shape and carvings of the various characters' kamas/churikaas should be - since they're of crystal, there are a lot of wierd internal refraction patterns I'm having trouble figuring out how to draw. The Twilight and Dark place a lot of ritual significance on blades, so it's good to know. More of those insane details nobody but me cares for.)

Sorry for the graininess - the code isn't aliasing properly yet.

I'm not sure I'd say this one was pretty, but it's kind of neat. More geometrically pure than many of the others.

Very textured, like a rose, or bientot's origami. This is Chiriklo's churikaa.

This is actually a mistake, a miscalculation on my part. I got the period off on one of the spirals, and it doesn't meet up exactly with its neighbor. (IE, one of the spirals is "turning too tightly" for the layer under it). But I liked the effect, the knife edge. Only pi radians of each spiral are visible here, though, so the flaw is at least self-contained.

Like silk. This is Andrel's. It doesn't have a name yet.

Just for fun, one in color. Muted like the fog.
(Today the fog crept off the ocean and winnowed reality into silvergray sheets, each one more unreal than the last. Monstrous and strange and beautiful, like watercolors spilled over gray crepe paper. Shrouded trees and ocean scent, all the harsh edges frayed and blunted. Trees uncurling into softness, and buildings alien and unknown. It was very hard to get anywhere; everywhere I walked was a between.)

Lookit all the spiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirals. You want to come viiiiiiiiiiiisit me, and bring booooooooooooks.

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Current Music: K's Choice and Anouk - I Alone

suddenly I feel the need to visit you with large quantities of books. Most odd...


nice. I like the last one...



My books generally won't leave my apartment...


P.S. YOu didn't come pick up your Sharp Pointy Things!

Hey, you don't play fair. I *am* following the webcomic and I have no idea what kamas and churikaas are. Draw them into the actual comic already! [chanting throngs heard in background] MORE COMIC! MORE COMIC! MORE COMIC!

erm. ahem. More comic would be really cool.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

The reason I haven't posted the link publically is because I'm rather ashamed of my efforts. I've posted only one "real" comic (plus one background and one introduction). That whole ten-hours-a-day of work take a surprisingly large amount of time. Bah.

Anyhow, if you want to see notification and links when new comics are posted, and about twice as many whines about what improbable disaster prevented me from posting tonight, you can opt-in to the comics filter here.

I'm getting a new hard drive this weekend, which shoudl fix a lot of my computer problems, so I'm hoping for a new one this weekend. Don't quote me on it, though. :)

Only 1.5G remain in the transfer!

Comic?! ShIIIINY! Last I heard you hadn't started posting yet.
...mmm spiiiiirals....mmm shiiiiny....bring books mmm. I'm assuming you've alread read Kurzweil's age of (spiritual/thinking) machines books?