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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
inane poll, as promised

There are about eight million possible question on this topic. I ended up makigna huge list of questions I wanted to ask, and then picking out a few very straightforward ones.

Poll #230756 Cake, or death?

How much warning would you like?

None, thanks, I'll just keel over and scare everyone else to death.
At least a couple of minutes. I want to know it's coming.
Give me a few hours. I have phone calls to make, and possibly a last-minute religious conversion or two
Give me a couple of days! I need time to max out my credit cards properly.
As much warning as possible

What would you most like to die of?

Old age
Some other biological cause
A freak event, like being hit by a falling chandelier
Something I accidently caused (for example, corivax wants to run his plane/hang glider/spaceship into a mountain/the ground/a small planetoid)
Something I did deliberately (suicide)
Natural disaster, disease,war, or other event that kills many people indiscriminately
Jealous husband/assasin/other human cause
Something corivax forgot.

More specifically, now, how would you like to die?

For bonus points, write a death scene for yourself or someone else on your friends list and post it in the comments. I'm mostly saying this because I feel like doing it, but if other people do it, I'm sure I can come up with some goofy prize for the best.


And now, death-scene limericks! Just what this universe needs.

There once was a chemist named xmurf
Radioisotopes were his turf
He once made polyethylene
From some carbon-fourteen
Became the first casualty of radiactive nerf (tm)!

Note: it's a silent tm. So it still rhymes. :)

There should probably be a rule that I'm not allowed to use livejournal this early in the morning.

There once was a nun named sisterwendy
Who met her doom in a habit most trendy
She tried to genuflect
To the abbess-elect
But her corset was insufficiently bendy.

And also:

There once was a girl named 3countylaugh
But nothing rhymed with it, so she was immortfles.

It's sistawendy (just trying to be helpful).

Quick, ban me now! Ohwait, it's my journal. Bwa ha ha.

There once was an angstpuppy named cow
Who dreamed of becoming a drow
Listened to bands that are goff1
Hoping enough gloom would rub off
But he expired of angst somehow.

Listen to the sad tale of robogock
Who programmed her robots to walk
Her advisors were impressed
Her career seemed blessed
Until one of them learned how to stalk

I would also like to state that I categorically refuse to even contemplate the things that rhyme with velvetknife :)

There once was a fangirl ninja jyuu_chan
Who vowed to sail to Japan
She took her yaoi, some pocky
A ton of manga, her ferretts, some saki2
And drowned in a homebuilt sampan.

[1] I kid you not, one of these bands is called The Cruxshadows. With an umlaut over the u.
[2]This is a legitmate spelling of 'sake'. Though I'm not actually sure jyuu_chan drinks it.

*sets you on fire* :D

There once was a birdy named corivax
Who one day did sign, pine, and rhyme lax
It spoke of death in the night
The other birdies took flight
Except the one that took up an Axe

A little bleak perhaps and I actually loved the rhyming, it;s just hard to find things that rhyme with vax. Hmmmm, let me try again.

There once was a shiny light, name of corivax
Who came at the world through reason and facts
But one day it met sar_anon
Who talked and talked of things far off and far on
And while nodding, nearly napping, it toppled through the cracks

Perhaps a better try. I'll stop while I'm behind.