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Day of the Dead

This is a bit of a Public Service Announcement and a bit of self-advertising. Forgive me.

I work with the Nicaraguan Education and Health Action Project, NEHAP. We're having money issues this year. The recession is hitting our usual donors hard. Our new focus is on getting families set up with farmland and tools and seeds, and most people would rather donate to something like our previous project, which bought food for starving children. Cute hungry-looking photogenic kids are good charity magnets. The Nicaraguan government is confiscating a lot of aid money this year, too, claiming that the money represents contributions to a rival political party.

So we're doing several events in October around the Day Of The Dead to get attention - setting up a traditional Nicaragua altar for the dead, things like that. The Nica Day of the Dead celebration is vaguely similar to the Mexican one, for those who know about such things. Only vaguely, though.

One thing that's interested me in the past is the wide variety of specialized breads and sweets that are normally baked around then. Memory cakes to offer to the dead or to dissolve into memory, like sugar, on the toungue.

Are any Seattle-area cooks interested in helping me bake for NEHAP's Day of the Dead events? I'd need everything to be completed by October 26th. I'll get you recipes in advance, and make you a genuine Nicaraguan dinner (well, it'll be skewed towards vegetarian, of course) - pineapple frescas, bajo with yuca, gallopinto, etc, the night of the 25th, hopefully early enough not to interfere with your own Halloween celebrations.

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