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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Okay, I'm done with summer now. Give me the winds of fall, scented with woodsmoke and metallic cold. Give me the crunch of frosted grass under my bare feet, and chestnuts smooth and mohagony in my hands. Give me the scarlet maple leaves and the silver curtain of the rain. Give me the rustle of dry leaves and the murmur of a choppy sea and the recognition-calls of crows. Give me weather for homemade bread, for autumn-colored apples and squash, for waking up in a warm bed and listening to rain on the roof.


Current Mood: hothot
Current Music: Corvus Corax - Skudrinka

I concur.

And lovely imagery, as always. :)

Oh, this is delightful.

Mine are a bit more prosaic. Give me sleep without having to run the fan. Give me water cold from the tap. Give me walking without sweating. Give me the chance to wear my Big Black Wool Coat, even though it's falling to pieces now...

I disagree. I just wish the days weren't getting shorter--I loved being out in the sun, at 9 pm. I love fall too, but this summer has been wonderful--just haven't been out and about in it as much as I would like. I'll take another month of this.

But, I do love the foggy days that hit right around Halloween.

Well, I guess I'm glad someone is enjoying it!

Gimme that old time autumn euphoria. Every year I get an inexplicable feeling that something good is about to happen when the winds pick up and the temperatures start to drop.


*cough* Yeah, sorry, a little vehement there. :P

So agreed. I want my harvest time rains, the sky gods dancing/looming through the air in heavy dark clouds. I want rain pouring down and slaking the thirst of all the suffering trees around me. And I want to shoot the chirpy announcers who are gleeful at 58+ days of temperatures over 70 degrees. Damnit, give this weather back to CA where it belongs. :P

Late Autumn

Love the way you sense the ending of summer and the beginning of fall.Blah--nay----beautifully felt .smelt and felt thru your thoughts as they flow across the paper your words paint a picture.