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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

This is from the first aurora-hunting expedition. I will have better pictures from the second aurora hunt when they're developed. The third was clouded in, so we went hunting the elusive donut, instead.

(This is a 15-second exposure. The long exposure 1) makes the color more saturated, and 2) blurs a lot of the structure of it. You can see some of the vertical lines, but not really much of the rippling-curtain effect. I shot the next roll of film after seeing these results, with shorter exposure times, which shoudl hopefully result in the aurora looking more like we saw it. This isn't too bad, though. Just a little green and a little blurred.)

Current Mood: awake
Current Music: Billy Joel - River of Dreams

So where do you go for aurorae? I went out along the road to Snoqualmie Falls a few hours ago, but I didn't see anything. I think I simply missed it, but perhaps there was a bit too much light pollution...

We've found heading north better than heading up into the mountains. Marysville or Mount Vernon both work well - we just drive up I-5 until we feel like stopping and then drive straight away from I-5 until its light dims somewhat. Good luck aurora-ing!