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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Aurora backstory, or How You Can Play Along At Home

A lot of people seem interested in the aurora, so I figured I'd make a how-to-get-in-on-the-action post. For those in the Northwest, there is an automated aurora detector in Walla Walla and you can subscribe to an email list here and have it forward to a cell phone or pager if you've got one so equipped.

For those of you elsewhere, there is a paid phone alert, which I don't really know much about beyond its existence.

For everyone in Northern latitudes, the earth is going to move through a stream ejected through a hole in the sun's corona on the 20th and 21st, which is likely to produce a good aurora.

Seattlites: We're going to try to be on the other side of the mountains for it. Wanna join us? :)

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When and where?

Three Forks Park in North Bend. If we're relaly lucky we'll be there at 8, but we'll probably actually be much later. That'll give us time for a minor little picnic before full dark.

We would have asked to tag along, but we had the kidlings. What happened? I didn't see any alerts. Kind of looked like the night before would have been better.

It was too cloudy. Blah. The night before was, in fact, better. I do have some pictures from then; I hope they come out.

Thank you! I signed up. Now to find dark sites nearer to south king county...

Note to Seattlites: shotgun in my car is TAKEN this time. ;)

(I even have a late-starting work day on Friday. I can stay out late!)

How late are we talking here? I might want to take the Wendling & Her Nibs. Where is everyone meeting?