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More robot adventures:

Space Robot TEDP due: T-1 day!

Tonight I've been working on the hazard analysis for NASA. They want to know if the robot can explode, catch fire, freeze, go berserk, poison people, zap lasers, crash the KC-135, warp the fabric of space-time, bounce gravitron beams off the main deflector dish, etc. This involves filling out a lot of forms to demonstrate that increasingly unlikely scenarios (like, the robot's thruster exhaust poisons someone) aren't going to happen (the thrusters use compressed air. Very toxic. :) ).

In the same vein, I would like to present some hazards NASA has not given me forms for that are more likely than poisoning someone with normal air:

  • The robot takes a likin' to that purdy lil' sonochemistry reaction chamber in the corner and goes a-courtin'.
  • Aliens abduct the entire plane and demand a lifetime supply of red licorice twists and the head of Britney Spears.
  • One of our flight crew gains mysterious superpowers as a result of being exposed to zero-gravity.
  • A rave suddenly happens and everyone gets all groovy in their NASA flight suits, until the machines dig through the ceiling.

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