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These pictures were shot at Dungenesse Spit during a camping expedition with my roommates.

The forest for the trees. With the trees?

Speaking of, what kind of tree is this? The bark peels in a really neat way.

The roots of this tree look remarkably like a hunched old man, gray and weathered and mossy and cantankerous. Unfortunately, this doesn't come out very well in photographs. He looks like he ought to be saying, "When I was your age, we grew moss on the north and the south sides! And we liked it!"

I think I take more pictures of moss than anyone else in the universe. There are a hundred million kinds, tiny fractal pine trees and sparse green webbings and scaly braids and soft cushoined mounds....

Sea and sky and sun and storm. Eternities caught between pine needles.

Sea slithering and pulling across pebbles right before a storm. Everything is an electric, singing gray.

Also, be sure to look at the good ones if you haven't seen them. Those two were so neat that I had to post them as soon as I scanned them, and it includes one good shot after the storm started.

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