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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
What has it got in its pocketsessssss?

I have a theory that you can tell a lot about someone by what their pockets contain. I would like to put up scans of some of the stranger items involved, but that will have to wait until my roommates is awake.

My pockets (duster - jeans are less interesting, containing only small change and my wallet, which might be nother post) contain:

  • A package of Myntz instastrips, a gel mint candy I'm terribly addicted to. The particular package was given to me by velvetknife.
  • Two bottles of medication
  • A brochure for the waterfall gardens in Seattle
  • A reciept from Laughing Buddha Tattoo and Piercing. My piercer was Aidan, and the receipt lists one piercing for $60, which is incorrect. I brought my own jewelry and was pierced twice for $30.
  • An ugly orange booklet from Laughing Buddha explaining how to take care of my piercing. I have not read it, and am unlikely to.
  • The release form from Laughing Buddha, in which I allege that I am over 18, not drunk or high, not prone to fainting, heavy bleeding, etc. There is a blank for the piercer to fill in how long it will take to heal, which I then sign. It says six months. The piercings are about a month old. They're listed as Helix x 2.
  • A piece of notebook paper upon which is scrawled shadowblue's address.
  • A movie ticket to see Gosford Park at Pacific Place. I went with Marty.
  • A piece of paper, perforated on one side, that says "IMPORTANT: Do not remove upper portion of this tag. This must be returned with empty cylinder for proper credit. Your department is being held responsible for this cylinder." The back says, "Detach Here When Empty" and, in very large letters, "FULL".
  • A business card for a nutritionist. No, I've never been. But I should.
  • A metal tin of temporary tattoo words. Many words are missing.
  • Driving directions to nerdvana, computer printout. Over the top are sprawled a second, different set of directions in red felt-tipped pen, which much swearing.
  • A penny minted in Denver in 1994. It's in such bad condition it took me quite a while to figure this out.
  • A small votive candle (made by xiadyn) sealed in a waterproof bag that also contains matches and a lighter.
  • A stick-on tag intended to label injectible radiopharmecueticals. It is titled, "UW PET RADIOCHEMISTRY LABORATORY" and has many blanks to fill in - patient's name, physician, activiy in mCi per mL, Calibration date and time. f-18. The bottom says, "This radiopharmaceutical is for intravenous injection. Do not use if cloudy or if it contains particulate matter. Expires six hours after calibration. Calculate injection dose from dat and time of calibration. T(1/2) is 109.8 min."
  • A pair of shoulder-length black gloves.
  • A single mesh fishnet fingerless black glove.
  • A pair of wrist-length black gloves worn so often they're starting to wear out. (My usual gloves)
  • A receipt for Trader Joe's, amde out to (!) Robyn Greaby, one of the people working on That Damn Robot, for $4.73
  • A map to help one find one's way around the Museum of Science and Technology in Munich. The museum is *huge*. The brochure is English, but one section lists the twelve other languages it comes in.
  • A tiny bottle of advil, empty.
  • A set of keys: Four to a dorm I no longer live in. One to my place of work, radiation oncology. One to my apartment. Four for the various doors and deadbolts of my ex's apartment. A key to unlock a security cable for a laptop. Two for my parents' car, which I don't think I've used but once in four years. A second security-cable-type key whose purpose I no longer remember, but it looks like an elevator key. Did I get this when we were planning to explore the steam tunnels? Six green poptabs, from fruitopia gotten fom the vending machine in high school.
  • A ball bearing.
  • A check for $89 to me from my college.
  • A sketch of a crow, carefully folded around a crow feather. The feather is bent anyway.
  • A screw whose threads were botched by misaligned cutting.
  • A folding knife.

So... I'm done! You must all tell me what's in your pockets now.


And yes, I plan to scan some of the wierder items. When my roommates is not trying to sleep. The radiopharm tag and the gas cylinder tag are both worth pictures. Probably the Munich brochure, too.

My pockets currently have a map from GVX to neuro's in them, and that's it.

My purse, however, contains:

1) four bottles of prescription medication
2) one bottle of alleve with a broken cap that has a tendency to spill all over
3) my wallet
4) Virgil, my Palm VIIx
5) one pair of prescription sunglasses in a faux leather case
6) one packet of kleenex (this marks me as a grownup; oh no! :)
7) several pens; one purple and one green
8) keys to neuro's apartment
9) keys to my dorm room, attached to a leather case which also has my embarrassing student ID in it
10) a case of business cards (mine and other people's)
11) recipe cards for tofu sloppy joes and carrot cake that I picked up at Target
12) lint

I cleaned out my purse before coming to Seattle, so I took out a lot of movie ticket stubs and interesting stuff.

Currently in my pockets:

One Primatine Inhaler
One large black Bic Lighter
One small black BIc Lighter
One large blue Bic Lighter
A small spirl notebook when straps to keep it close. It has several uses including giving me something to write in when I need to. It also gives me something to read when I need to.
One black ball point pen. It's only interesting because I don't remember where I got it. I think it's from the plane but I'm not sure.
I little metal Altoids tin that, althought lacking Altoids, has some wonderful things in it.
A hard shelled oval containing a pipe.
Random change including a penny that looks like it's been chewed by a pitbull
A set of keys; One for my apartment, Two from previous apartment, A universal key for my college (it opens all the doors), two for my friends aprtment, and several keychains uncluding some chainmail and a set of beads which spell out the word MEARG
That's it

re: pockets

My pockets contain mostly pocket change... let's see.

  • A keyring containing a bike lock key, a padlock key (for a storage place I no longer have), my mail key, a key to the harp studio in Meany (which I stopped at the beginning of the calendar year) as well as to the practice room in the music building, keys to the front door, bike room, and my room in my dorm, and a key to the Mary Gates Hall computer lab staff area

  • Wallets are fun. I have my bank card, my credit card, my dad's credit card, preferred reader cards to Barnes and Noble and Waldenbooks, an expired voter registration card for Hillsborough County, FL, a Husky Card, a half-filled Subway card, a 30% filled coffee card, a 40% filled card to Thai Place downtown, a Florida driver's license with a picture from 1997 (scary!), my insurance card, library cards to Seattle Public, King County Libraries, and Tampa-Hillsborough Public Libraries, copy cards to the UW and Seattle Central Libraries, a 7-11 phone card, a Sprint foncard, a Safeway card, a Blockbuster Gold card (my parents rent way too much), a Sam Goody card, a Student Advantage card, and an Amtrak Guest Rewards card.

Hope that counts. :)