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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Sorry, couldn't resist

I was scanning the next batch of photos to post. Instead of captioning and posting them, I'm going to go to bed -- hafta be up in two hours, and haven't slept in more than 24. But I wanted to post these two anyway, because they made my heart ache.



My first lightning shot. It was accidental. :)

... wow. Does being impressed by my own photography make me a horrible person? If it's any mitigation, I'm well aware that the bottom one (which is the one I shivered when I scanned) is severely technically flawed. See the light dots at the bottom? Water on the lens.


I still like the water on the lens. Makes it seem...more real somehow.

They're both incredible shots.

They're both very nice, but 'Storm' is gorgeous. Zounds.

Being impressed by your own photography makes you a person who is able to recognize beauty when it sees it. Which is probably part of what makes you such a good photographer. So, no. Not horrible. Merely perceptive.

Is it wrong of me to like Shine better? I feel hushed, hidden, in a secret safe place, looking out at the bright strand on which I can go and dance and splash before returning to this shaded place to rest...

It seems to be split very nearly 50/50, and amusingly predictable. plantae likes Shine better too, for example. So... no.

you're a damn good photographer...no shame :)