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A Fess Nebuly, argent and vert (photos)

(The title is, in heraldric terms, a bumpy green line on a white background, which is really about what the hike was like.)

Mount Rainier in March - snow and spring growth. I expected some sort of cosmic seasonal battle, green leaves forcing themselves through the snow, trees broken and beaten beneath Winter's weight, intricate and grim fractal pitched battles between uncurling ferns and lingering clots of snow, each in their heraldric colors.

It looked a lot more like a fencing match, good natured riposte and retreat, flourished silvered spiderwebs and temporary brooks along path and game trail, in raven and songbird and squirrel tracks in snow, in curled leaves that unfolded like a sketched blade salute and mossy stones and new-minted leaves and dripping icicles.

Moss! Moss everywhere. Moss in miniature forests and plush green velvets and fuzzy overlapping scales and succulent green braids and microscopic ferns and intricate pencil-sketched lines of green and ruffled waterfalls and long silky beards. I've never seen so many kinds of moss in my life; I took far too many pictures of moss.

Treebeard. More moss.

Ei is a Japanese kanji that originally depicted the small featherings and gathers and dapplings of shadow and light at the base of a tree. Used in longer words, the kanji can mean either light or shadow. Very cool.
If ei were leaves, this is the tree they'd fall from. I actually took four stacked pictures of this tree, from darkness to lens flare, and will try to make a panorama out of them to post later.

If you're a photographer whose creator decided not to pay for the recommend-but-not-required 'survival skills' drive, you might happen to balance on the edge of this overhang. Moss and dead leaves will hold the weight of a photographer, right? lean way out, past scruffy bushes and clinging trees, and get a picture of this river, sound and fury, signifying Spring.

If you do attempt these photos, we recommend having someone to lock hands with standing where the bank is steady. Especially if your warranty has expired. The river was audible no matter how far we got away from it, rustles and frothy giggles and the occaisional inexplicable distinct splash, like someone'd thrown a rock in.

I have no idea what kind of tree this was, nor whether its sort always grows twisted or whether this one and this one alone fell victim to the swing dancing craze a few years ago. I thought it was really neat.

Water, snow, green, reflections.

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