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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Space robots, ninjas, and pirates

So I've been reading JHB 1710.13B (formerly JSCM 1710A, of course), one of NASA's pressure vessels safety documents. ( IE, "It's all fun and games until a carbon-fiber tank explodes"), which goes through the steps we need to take to get That Damn Robot's tanks and pipes and thrusters and such certified safe enough to use in zero gravity.
It's a good example of the usual NASA acronymphomania (an abnormal fondness for acronyms); I now have several pages of notes on what various acronyms mean, just to be able to follow it:

WSTF and GOCO plants under JSC's purview are responsible for a PSCP that meets the requirements of NMI 1710.3 and for submitting periodic status reports to JSC PSM.


Recertification of all PV/S shall be performed by a PSS provided by SR&QA responsible to the PSM.

I've been amusing myself by inventing completely spurious acronym definitions. NASA is now Ninja Aeronautics and Space Administration. (thud! "I think a ninja just hit the window!" Do the little footy sock things (tabi) mean they can move silently without sonic booms?)
Still trying to come up with suitably amusing acronyms for the two example sentences above:
Recertification of all Pirate Vessels/Ships shall be performed by a Peg-legged Scurvy Scalawag provided by the Swilling Rum & Quilting Association responsible to the Pez Stealing Matey, arrrr!
Not as good as I'd like. Any suggestions for either of 'em?


You are a complete and utter dork. :}

Forgiveable entirely because you are amusing and because of the ways your eyes light up when you're thinking something entirely unforgiveable.

And you used a nifty 'mania word! I just er...felt the need to point that out.

I don't think it's a real word, but it is a fun one. I got it from xmurf, who is also far too fond of acronyms.