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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Hiking photos - earth and water

The perspective on this one is a little odd. I'm shooting from above and downstream of the rapids, and they're only about a meter tall, total, fairly flat. The stream looks and acts a lot like a snake shedding its skin, which is bunched into white foam. The snake slithers off between the narrowest gap in the rocks, smooth and dark. You can see the head right before the stream goes flat and shallow at the very bottom.

More slithery water and soft feathered green.

Froth and fury, signifying everything.

The top of a much bigger waterfall. I also took several photos down the length of the waterfall and attempted to piece them together here.

This is kind of silly. I picked out all the pictures I wanted, and divided them into three songs based on completely arbitrary criteria, and was left with this one, which really didn't fit in any of them. And I spent far too much time opening and closing it and moving it from group to group. And finally dumped it here, mostly because this group doesn't fit together quite as well as the other two.
Something about the way this rock slouched into the water reminded me immensely of the crumbling skull of some ancient beast, teeth buried below the waterline. Whatever mysterious attributes caused this do not show up in film. :)


Goodness. I wish I was there. Here in Chicago, I haven't seen this much green in months. Let alone moving water, or places where it would be remotely comfortable to hike, and I could count on coming back without frostbite.

Hello, by the way. I asked wolfieboy for a single friend recommendation, and he suggested you, so here I am. Your pictures are amazing.

I have no idea why wolfieboy suggested me, but I'm glad you like the pictures. Poked through your most recent couple of pages of journal entries and rather enjoyed them - you've a great sense of humor. Pleased to meet you.

Why thank you. As to wolfieboy, I couldn't say either. I'll have to ask.

"The stream looks and acts a lot like a snake shedding its skin"
That is a beautiful image, and made your lovely picture come alive to me.