corvi (corivax) wrote,

Hiking photos - earth and sky

These are from a recent hike. I was surprised by how luridly colored and intricately textured everything was - it was the dead of winter, after all, or as wintry as it gets around here. Even so, there were ferns and moss and evergreens and warm red-brown rocks and rich soil scent and livid scarlet leaves crinkling underfoot. So much color and detail I couldn't settle on only a few pictures or cut them down to reasonable sizes. So they're huge, and posted in three groups.

It had been raining on and off all day, slithery rivulets and slow drips. Gray, flat sky to make all the other colors hum and spark when you turn away.

Like stained glass windows - near-transparent green fenced in by solid black. Odd effect from a living forest. The greens felt so thick you could breathe them.

Or bathe in them.

I'm going to describe this grasping, tentacled tree as 'chthonic', because that word doesn't get used nearly enough. And because it's rather late here.

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