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corvi [userpic]
thought experiment

Arising out of a conversation with shadowblue and vixyish (her post) and musings on the kinds of things people wrote on the 100-things meme:

Complete this sentence for yourself:

I am a(n) _____________.

Oddly enough, the first thing that comes to my mind is not a job, a religion, a hobby, a philosophy, or a biological fact. It's pilot.

Current Mood: curiouscurious

I'm a programmer. Not so much as a job or a hobby, though programming is both for me. I just live in that weird space between scientist, engineer and artist.

Ask me at different times and you'll get different answers. This might've been tainted now by discussing it so much-- that is, it's hard to be spontaneous about it now. :)

I'm a singer.
I'm an artist.
I'm a vixy. :)

I'm a scholar.

Ooooh, yes. That really fits you. Cool!

Thank you.

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Maybe 'synthesist'?

I actually got many different responses in my mind, but the one that beat the others out by a nanosecond was gamer.

Yup. If someone said to me, "What is Morinon?" I'd instantly reply with "gamer"... 'cause, well, that's you. :P

analyst...though synthesist would work as well.

It's interesting, really — pilot fits you in more ways than one.  Flying through the sky, definitely, but also navigating through uncharted waters.

Me, I think the closest I can come is designer.  I do lots of things — toolsmith or builder would be a close second, maybe, but really, I design things.

Geek. No question.


I'm a loser.

... baby, so why don'tcha kill meeee

I am a naturalist.


Yup. Definitely the first thing that came to my mind. Second was "artist" with "child" coming in a close third.

I make things work.

But I think "artist" comes in a close second. And taiji fits under artist -- it's internal shorthand or something. I think the first has more to do with the past several years... but the second more to do with my life overall.

I am a witch.

I am a gardener. (I need to find a new way of setting up my lights. It's getting to be that seasons again. Hee.)

I am a lover.

Hmm, first answer that came to mind. Right now my life and its main focus is love for the people in my life.

I am a traveller.

And incidentally, I feel like we're in some bad public service advertisement.

"I'm a teacher." "A programmer." "An artist." "A construction worker."

And then some deep voiceover comes on and says, "These, the people of Washington State, are just some of the people that will be affected by Resolution 109."

Or something.



But then, that's probably because this is how I introduced myself earlier this evening.

And when my conscious mind has a go, it says "writer."

Re: thought experiment

I waver between 'I am a playmate' and 'I am a geek'.

It really varies based on how focused I am on a task vs. focused on the process.

Re: thought experiment

Although on a slightly different tack, I had a friends 10 year old daughter tell me, "You are a Torin. You're not a human. You're your own species." I thanked her and asked her why. She just said that that was what I was. I still ponder over this at times.

Honestly? The first thing that came to mind was "I am a monkey." Although, I really meant ape. I just like the sound of "monkey" so I misuse it to mean ape regularly.
Now as to why that was the first thing that came to mind, I have very little clue.

The first response that came to mind was: enigma.

Others that were considered and rejected: writer, builder, designer, manipulator, dangerous creature, gamer, teacher, instructor, seeker, etc. - They all describe parts of me, but there are many parts to me and not all of them are so easily described.

So we'll go with enigma and leave it at that.

I am a variable.

None of them fit. I am myself. None of my names even fit that statement. I'm just me.

I am a changer of worlds.

It is my avocation, profession, ideal, passion, goal, multi-lifetime quest, road and destination.

It's what I do & who I am all rolled into one. I change the world around me and my interactions with other people are often world changing for them. If I am not changing the world in some way, moving it closer to my conception of better, I know I am doing the wrong thing or am biding my time until the right thing comes along so I can push it the right way at an exact moment.

The worlds within my sphere of influence is ever evolving under my care and tending. It is part of being a 'pebble in the pond'. I send out ripples and they effect other things which then return ripples to me.