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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Happiness is playing techno remixes of Beethoven's 5th symphony loudly at 8AM and getting away with it. Especially if one pantomimes playing the viola part. ("Air viola"?)

Indulge my curiousity: if a random image or action brings you inordinate delight today, post or comment and tell me about it, please.

Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Beethoven - 5th Symphony (techno)

Agreed. I have the same remix, I believe. And Für Elise, too. Nothing quite like it. (Especially living, as I do, in an elderly/disabled housing complex - a lot of folks like classical here, myself included, it's just that this is somehow different classical, yet classical just the same - eh, I'm still not awake yet. They're putting new screen doors over our front doors today (Never had those before, but come summer, they'll sure come in handy) and it involves a lot of banging and drilling. Was still very much down with a migraine this morning (why have I been getting them so much lately?) and it wasn't doing that any favors, lemme tell you).

If any image or action brings me great joy today - I do promise to share it.

I just walked past several reading people on my way back here. You'd think that wouldn't please me so, anymore, seeing as I've been working in a bookstore for 4 years now, but it still does. Ah, happy reading people in comfortable chairs. Ahhhhhhhhh.

I wasn't around a computer saturday, so I'll answer this one a little belatedly with what I was doing on saturday- sitting at a poker table, playing omaha (not my usual game, I can hardly tell what's a good hand and what's a bad hand), being teased for the way I'm frowning at my cards- "I'm thinking" I tell him, and he says, "thinking? that's probably good. as long as it's not stinkin' thinkin'." then more laughing and joking and I'm recognizing that phrase and thinking he's been through AA and feeling happy to pick up his oblique but intentional self-revelation, and even happier to keep playing this strange game at this loudly laughing table.

random LJer responds ...

I saw you reply to one of randomdreams' posts and had a look round your journal. The random images that have brought me delight are your hiking photos from February. Thanks!

With that much green stuff on the trees, it's got to be so wet! It's a little different from February in Edinburgh: most days were dry and cold, the temperature fell below freezing on many nights.

I saw a drunk in a pub once playing air guitar. When he noticed me looking, he winked, tuned it up and went back to playing.