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more hiking photos

I'm usually more interested in photographing little things than big ones. I like poking my nosy beak into all the tiny secrets of the universe - the way pine needles lay in careless spirals, the way rain collects in shining beads along a serrated leaf edge, the way a woman's hair is full of crescent moons during an eclipse, the texture of the Seattle sky spun spderweb between towers. All the little mysteries, all the little dances of physics and color and timing.

But... here is a big thing. My apologies to your poor web browser.

This is about 200 degrees of image, which is why it seems sort of distorted or optical illusion-y - It goes from shooting upwards at about 75 degrees to shooting below my feet (see the blurred brown thing in the very bottom shot? I'm standing on it). No tripod was used (how I wished for one!) and the colors are wierd in a couple of segments, so it's composited imperfectly - you can probably see one, maybe as many as three places where I stuck together photos and then tried to hide it with a bit of digital painting.
There are neurons in the brain devoted solely and entirely to recognizing straight lines - it is one of a very few hardwired absolutely basic visual programming routines humans have. They've actually found, tracking neurons (via MRI, I think, but don't quote me on that bit), certain single neurons always go off for horizontal lines, and others for vertical. So even blurring and feathering the photo edges as little as I did makes them a lot less obvious to Joe Average Human. And you, I hope. :)

I like it, even though I can't make it look good enough to fool anyone. And waterfalls, all those lovely veils and arcs and sliding sheets of water, will not stand still for you to photograph them. Little foam-haired imps!

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