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  • gement showed up far too early this morning wearing a Tshirt that says "Fear No Art," which in my sleep-fuddled state I read as "Fear No Eval". Now I really was a tshirt that says that. (Lisp programming joke - 'eval' is the command that evaluates a clause - ie, fear no sentence nor atom conceived in Lisp) I'm an utter geek.
  • dymaxion is here! He will be allowed to leave alive and totally uncooked.
  • I had arson dreams all last night. I dreamed I set the Space Needle on fire, and it was beutiful beyond words - arcs of sparks like thermite skittering gold off other buildings, against a dark-gray cloudy sunset sky, leaving ripples in glass, shimmering rivers of molten metal plunging into the sound with great clouds of steam. I have no idea what this says about my subconscious.
  • Everyone has a little secret he keeps / I light the fires while the city sleeps
  • I am actually looking forward to the party tonight. Who am I and what have I done with corivax?

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