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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
G is for GO, G is for GYRE

Scroll down to 'University of Washington'.
NASA accepted the Space Robot proposal! We are GO for zero gravity!

(Not that any of us really expected our proposal to be turned down, mind you - we're highly competent and the experiment has Never Been Done Before. But, well, it has Never Been Done Before, so it's a relief to lose all that lingering doubt.)

I'm also pleased by the nice late flight/hypobaric training dates. July! Gives me a little more time to try and figure out how I can afford to fly to Houston.

Current Mood: Screaming happy
Current Music: Watashi no Tamagoyaki (nothing expresses glee like Jpop)

Conga rats!


And the date interferes with neither the wedding nor norwescon, which I was worried about. Would have been nice if it had been before norwescon, though. I could have arranged a demo panel as an excuse to show the video of us in freaking FREEFALL.

There's always NEXT NorWesCon...

Meanwhile, YAY for my favorite mad scientists!

Eeeeee! I don't know if I've ever been called a mad scientist before. That makes me a very happy corvi. Thank you!



Obviously you need to start dating someone with flight bennies. Know any flight attendants? Or hell, get a friend to date one. ;}

WOOHOO! Extremely awesome news! You know you must show this video Fish speaks of, so the rest of us can envy your coolness in experiencing freefall. Great to be looking forward to the payoff for all your hard work, yes?

That's fantastic!!! Yay!! My Roomie Rocks! :D

And good job, all of you.