corvi (corivax) wrote,

Lay me down in ice and silver

Day after thanksgiving, went hiking with my family. You could feel winter in the air, a lovely coiled thing, stretching her claws. Frost and fog, green and gray, silence and silver.
Good photography; so many pictures it was hard to narrow it down to just these six.

A few green leaves clinging here and there to skeletal trees, and a lot of fog, creeping off the water and touching the back of one's hands. Some of my pictures are nearly flat gray.

A duck in eclipse plumage, keeping sleepy watch, beak tucked beneath wing. I thought the eclipse plumage was pretty cool - the mallards trade in the irredescent blue patches on their wings and the trademark shiny green heads for stippled black and white and brown. This was the first time I'd really noticed. So here's a picture of two (!) male mallards, eclipsed:

Hey, I didn't say it was a good picture! The fog blurred out everything.

Frost on a spiderweb, in individual crystal beads.
(I really need a zoom lens (and an SLR, of course); this had to be taken from about a meter away, which is as close as my camera will focus. I never thought I'd get good enough at this to be limited by the tech! And it looks nice, but I wish I could have shown the way the frost feathers and fuzzes tiny needles of ice, the sparkles on individual vertices. The spider caught more than he bargained for, ice and light)

A yew tree whose branches caught a few yellow leaves.
(... and taxol bought her six years, but not quite enough, never quite enough. Hadn't really thought about it before, hadn't run my fingers over soft fringy needles and curled bark and wondered at what they contained. Strange and wonderful ...)

I just thought this was neat. I grew up in a forest, and seeing how cool marshes are is a little harder sometimes. It looks like it should be on the set of a horror movie.

Fog and water and skeletal trees again. I couldn't bear to make it any smaller than this.
( ... and I never expected, in all those years of searching for a winter of sorts, that I would one morning look into the mirror and meet Winter's gray gaze ... )

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