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And I'm surprised when people tell me I smell of mint?

My mission, should I chose to accept it:

Mint-flavored popcorn to go with this most excellent stress-relieving minty hot chocolate (it's been a very hard week).

I like the idea of mint salt, like vanilla sugar (split vanilla bean in half, bury in sugar. Mm.). Except I bet the vanilla sugar works because the volatiles h-bond to the surface of the sugar crystals, and salt, being ionic, doesn't do the hygrogen bondage bit. (More competent biochemistry and/or cooking sorts are free to correct me, though.)
I'd also like it to be easy enough that I can do it often, and not involve soggy popcorn, which rules out the obvious melt-butter-add-mintystuff. Hm....

Update, 1:32 AM: I have GREEN POPCORN! Where will it end?! Mmmmmm.

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