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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
And I'm surprised when people tell me I smell of mint?

My mission, should I chose to accept it:

Mint-flavored popcorn to go with this most excellent stress-relieving minty hot chocolate (it's been a very hard week).

I like the idea of mint salt, like vanilla sugar (split vanilla bean in half, bury in sugar. Mm.). Except I bet the vanilla sugar works because the volatiles h-bond to the surface of the sugar crystals, and salt, being ionic, doesn't do the hygrogen bondage bit. (More competent biochemistry and/or cooking sorts are free to correct me, though.)
I'd also like it to be easy enough that I can do it often, and not involve soggy popcorn, which rules out the obvious melt-butter-add-mintystuff. Hm....

Update, 1:32 AM: I have GREEN POPCORN! Where will it end?! Mmmmmm.

Current Mood: insufficiently mentholated
Current Music: Mission Impossible Theme

http://home.attbi.com/~kanokorn/PopcornRecipes.htm#_Grasshopper_Mint_Popcorn looks like it might suit you well, except get someone else to make the booze Mormon-safe without exploding it. :)

Or, spray the popcorn lightly with butter flavored cooking spray, then toss it with dried crushed mint. Or mix dried crushed mint with salt, or chop fresh mint finely, rub some on the bowl, then toss it with salt.

(Me, I love soggy popcorn. Mmmmmmmmmm golden topping.)

Oh, oh oh! They have mint flavored salt.


Your leet finding-stuff powers never cease to amaze me. A recipe *and* a URL for mint salt! Thank you muchly.

put mint oil and/or creme de menthe in a steamer instead of ater, put popcorn in the basket?

Unpopped popcorn in the basket?

no, popped, i think

That sounds like a recipe for soggy popcorn to me...

If you come up with a recipe for non-soggy shoyu popcorn, I will worship your naked feet.


If you actually pull this off, let me know how.

I have pulled it off, and you'll have to visit me to find out how. :P

we want to see pix of the green popcorn!