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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Look at the jack-o-lantern digitalis (who, I feel constrained to warn you all, is an utter freak who likes pumpkin slime and nibbling on raw pumpkin. Definitely the right person for the job) and I made! Supposed to depict a skull wearing a jester's cap. Sort of Dia De Los Muertos.

My kingdom for a better camera. Missing a lot of details here. There are in fact two eyebrows, and the hat has all sorts of shading trangles and lines that aren't showing; not to mention a missing jawline.

I wish all an enjoyable holiday, a masquerade full of pleasant surprises, and minimal hangovers.


Ohhhh! Gorgeous!

Can i steal it for a livejournal icon?

(begs shamelessly{picture me begging for bread})

Certainly, go for it. I would do so, but I'm not a [aid account and like the three icons I have.

>(begs shamelessly{picture me begging for bread})

Oh, so, to carry the analogy, after I finally give you a piece of bread or the image you want, you'll pick a completely different piece of bread or photograph to steal? Hrmph.
(Not that I blame you; corvids understand well that stolen food tastes much, much better.)

wow. that used to be a pumpkin?

That's highly cool, that is. :)

very nifty. and recognizably what it is, even before explications.