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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Chex mix

I found out recently about vegetarian Worcester sauce from eeyorerin and vixyish, who is hoarding a bottle smuggled in from Phoenix. Since vix's bottle is Kroger's brand, I checked the large QFC on Harvard for it (QFC and Kroger's are owned by the same company.) No luck. Do any of the vegans/vegetarians/partners thereof on my friends list have suggestions for where to go next?

I've been veggie twelve years. Chex mix was a comfort food from my childhood, heaped golden inside a blue glass bowl while we played roleplaying games and the snow fell. Mmmmm. I can't say I've missed it, per se, but I sure was elated to find out it was possible

Re: Chex mix

We got ours at Whole Foods just south of 65th between 11th and Roosevelt in the Ravenna district.
We actually don't use our vegan worchester sauce anymore and so, we could give you our bottle if you'd like...

There is a vegetarian worcestershire sauce at PCC (in Kirkland, anyway).

Mmm... if I were to try and construct one, I'd probably use tamarind (which is in worcestershire sauce), some kind of very potent shiitake broth, maybe some tamari, maybe some rice wine (rice wine and soy is a common substitute for fish sauce, which is a lot of what gives worcestershire its kick). And probably a pinch of cayenne.

Whole Food carries a brand called "Wizard's organic orginal vegitarian worcestershire sauce".
It's not half bad

Mmm. I am to Chex mix what Carrie Fisher is to opiate painkillers.

E_REF. Hm, from googling on 'carrie fisher,' she appears to be some actress. I assume she's addicted to painkillers, or something?

Correct. Carrie Fisher == Princess Leia.

http://store.yahoo.com/villageorganics/vegworsauc5o.html has stuff for order online.

Or, you could try making your own: http://www.recipesource.com/side-dishes/sauces/worcestershire03.html

Dibs on the chex mix! :)