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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Fall Flight

Got to go Up, yesterday, in a Cessna 172. I can't currently afford to take the plane myself, so I rode as a passenger of xmurf (Thanks, neuro!). It was, as always, achingly beautiful. Clear crisp open fall day, silver on the waters of the sound and silver the mists Rainier cups at his base. The trees below mostly evergreens, but here and there a lacy-looking deciduous creeping into scarlet or gold. Eternal blue sky. That faint metallic hint of chill fall air has, distant woodsmoke smudged on the horizon and scenting the air. Mmmm.
As it was not my hands on the yoke, I got to take pictures, and I'll hopefully get them back today or tommorrow. Also on this roll: the "scenic route" gfish and xiadyn and I took on the way to the film festival, forest and water and abandoned concrete power shed overgrown with green; foraging with tylik, which was both educational (which I was expecting) and great fun (which I wasn't), but I'd been kinda holding off on making an entry til I had the photos to go with my rough sketches of herbs and things.
So, in summary: Flying fun. Fall fun. Fotos forthcoming (and hopefully fun).


You fly? How wonderful! It sounds like you had a perfect day.

And isn't Catherine the coolest? :)

Wow, 391 friends, and you actually manage to respond to posts? I'm impressed.

And I certainly agree that Catherine is doubleplusgood. (I have a lot of trouble dealing with strangers and usually tend to stay completely silent and withdrawn, so I was expecting spending a day foraging with her to be an exercise in torment, worth it only to learn something useful. I was surprised and delighted to realize, something like seven hours later, that I'd had fun and lots of it. She's interesting, intelligent, and just plain fun to be with.)


Of course I respond! It's true, there are posts that pass me by, but I do try to check at least of couple of people's journals every day. It shows me different perspectives, and that's always a good thing.

I've thought about starting a C.Harper Fan Club for awhile now. She's neato.

(And you used Newspeak! Yay!)

Um... I'm flattered, but you guys are freaking me out.

But if you'd like to go foraging again, that would be a good thing. (This is the plural you, except for the "again" part.)