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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Gleeful foodie rant

Gingerbread! Velvety soft cookie dough, thick with molasses and redolent of ginger and cloves and cinnamon, with peppermint to sharpen the taste (that's snobby chef speak for 'I felt like putting peppermint in would be a good idea and I'm not sure why') and a ghost of lemon, sitting plastic-wrapped atop my refridgerator to let the flavors blend and commune with the Great Ginger Spirit. To all the locals, I say: come visit me! I will ply you with gingerbread! To all the nonlocals, I say: email or post your address! I will mail you gingerbread!
Making it was such a wonderful visceral experience, I really hope I can force gingerbread cookies on enough people to have to make (oh woe is me) a second batch, or maybe even a third. The dough is a lovely velvety honey-dark brown, and smells incredible.
(... of course, I was kind of improvising the recipe. So they may suck. We'll see. If they do, I have an alternate dessert for Sunday: cranberry bread, hot out of the oven)
Note: the cookies are somewhat low fat, considering (3 grams per cookie), but are not vegan. And many thanks to digitalis, who volunteered to help decorate them. My hero.

Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

Hey, no fair making me drool this much at work! ;) Sounds wonderful, and I'm very much looking forward to Sunday. :)

You weren't by any chance on the 70 bus on Fairview at 6:35pm on Wednesday, were you?

Uh, nope. Have I acquired a double?

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I will be glad, more than glad, to send you some if you want. Though it'll probably dry out some in transit. May I send you an email and ask for your address?
(Pushy, aren't I? :) I'm just terribly moved by the tragedy of not having had gingerbread in *years*.)

I don't think I've ever had gingerbread. (If this seems shocking, ask Lea or Melissa about the things I somehow missed in my childhood. I can't remember what now, but they were shocked.)

Save me some, would ya please? I'll be there on Tuesday :)