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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Tommorrow is xmurf's birthday. (Happy birthday!) I asked him whether he would like a cake, and what sort, and he said a round checkerboard cake. I'm willing to bet he picked that because it was the geekiest cake he could think of. Really, though, that's part of why we love him, isn't it?
So I consulted with eeyorerin, creative and domestic and otherwise wonderful, and we figured out roughly how to do this - make a set of cardboard (or better yet, heavy parchment) rings that fit into the pan, and pour batter into them, and then take out the rings and bake it.
Work canceled on me today, so I actually have time to do this right. I was walking home thinking of circumferences and how to slot the cardboard rings together and keep them steady between layers, and all that, and gleefully plotting engineering the cake. I'd convinced gfish to go with me to the art store to get the right weight of cardboard, and the matte-cutter to make sure the edges of the rings were flat and no batter could leak around them.
I mentioned these plans to plantae, who said, "I have a cake mold that does that."

So, the question is: is the fact that plantae has such a mold a good thing or a bad thing, considering? plantae sees it as a good thing, of course, and cannot understand the fact that I was disappointed to hear it. Both viewpoints make some sense, and I'm curious as to which of you feel which way.

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Personally, I'd view it as a good thing, but I tend to be lazy and like having tools that will make a project easier. However, I can understand the disappointment, especially because you'd already thought through and planned out how you were going to make this cake, and what was left was the hands-on stuff and the fun and frustrations of same. I've very much gotten the impression from your posts that you like the process of a project as much or more than the end result. Her having the cake pan means you don't get the same fun of trying to put together the cardboard rings and so forth.

I think I would actually use the pan as a backup. But would try doing it my way first, but then I have a stubborn streak that is um large. And if it works out when I did it my way I have that satisfaction, but if I had to resort to the pan I would know that at least it was going to get done.

(Okay as a note this involves any project like this, except cooking... Me+Kitchen=bad)

I see this from both sides.

My adventurous side would much prefer to design my own and build the cake mold with the preformed cake mold as a backup. This would be good because I would gain experience in building cake molds with a safety net of having a pre-made cake mold in case I get it completely wrong.

My practical side sees that there is a cake mold already and that I have many, many things to do and would just use the premade mold.

I couldn't tell you which one would win out in the end.

See, you and plantae should loan *me* the pan, and then you can have an excuse to engineer your own pan, and I will bake a cake too, and we can compare!

I love kitchen tools so much that I would happily go buy or borrow a specialized tool for the job rather than improvise my own, but I don't mind improvising either. So I see both sides -- mmm, kitchenwares and mmm, engineering.