corvi (corivax) wrote,

Moment I: wind

Beautifully windy day today. I wished devoutly for a kite, but the gods did not materialize one in my closet. Specifically, I want a kite I can set on fire, and then fly, trailing sparkfeathers.

The reason I don't currently HAVE a kite is that I set the last one on fire and flew it in a storm, and watched the swirls of sparks and smoke trace out cryptic runes against the stormy gray. And as the kite lost surface area to encroaching flames, It got harder and harder to control, whipping frenetically, fire/rain/wind/dance. And perhaps the wind tore the kite from the string, or perhaps the flame charred the string and set itself free, but suddenly there was no tension in the string, and the kite plunged and twirled towards the choppy sea, pheonix in reverse, long tail of flames sinking, sizzling, gone. Pheonix curling tail around itself beneath the glassy graygreen sea, to sleep another eon.

It was very lovely.

But I did not have a kite today when I wanted one to set afire. Pheonix sleeps still.

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