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Must... kill... velvetknife. Must... owe... velvetknife ... a debt ... that ... can never... be paid. Decisions, decisions.
velvetknife pointed me here, to a program that works like this: you give it an image, it converts the image into a sound. The mappings are very straightforward: the X axis is +time, the Y axis is +pitch, red and green control sound origin (right/left speaker), blue is a spectral control. Five dimensions.

I got home from the shop dead tired; I was going to go to bed. I have to work in four hours, and I haven't slept in... uh... not sure. More than 24, aside from a nap on gfish's couch. I am now not the least bit tired; I am making sound-images: stepped harp-spiral glissandos, intricate fractals, trailing rose notes, spines that make graceful sliding xylophone notes.


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