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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Worked on the robot today. Got a lot done. And now, I present ratings of machines I used today:

Belt Sander
Belt Sanders make things flat. You basically find something that isn't flat enough, and hold it against a loop of rapidly moving sandpaper. Minuses: it's loud, it's slow, and it isn't very interesting. Plusses: the sandpaper is blue, it makes sparks if you do it correctly, but the person operating the sander can't see the sparks.

We now take you to a bank robbery in process, about to be foild by the heroic Belt Sander Man!

Belt Sander Man: Halt, villian!
Not-Flat Man: Oh no, it's my nemesis, Belt Sander Man!
Belt Sander man promptly starts sanding the tread off Not-Flat Man's shoes.

Not-Flat Man, five minutes later: Hey, are you done yet?
Belt Sander Man: Uh, not quite. Hold still a little longer.
Not-Flat Man sighs boredly. At least he can see the sparks.


Deburring Wheel
A deburring wheel also makes things flat, with a spongy-looking wheel. On the other hand, it makes things smooth and mirror-shiny. It can also produce aluminum-dust glitter all over your (black) clothing and hair, for that authentic "industrial" look (What, that's not what they mean by 'industrial'? Well, they should).
And the failure mode (basically, what happenes if something goes terribly wrong) involves the wheel flying apart into shrapnel, and that's kinda cool. Not too bad, for a machine designed to make things flat.


Puts holes in things, which is a lot cooler than making things flat. You also get to turn a huge level to move a whirling drill bit up and down a few inches, which, I must warn you, instills distinct mad scientist thoughts and the urge to cackle wildly.
Also, if you drill lucite (a clear plastic) the shavings look just like fake snow.


Bandsaws cut things in half. How cool is that? A bandsaw has a loop of flexible saw blade (like a hacksaw, but meters long), that moves at gajillions of meters a second. The operator's job is to feed whatever you're cutting through it slowly and steadily. Bandsaws also purr delightfully, and leave really neat marks on the cut surface, especially metals. And did I mention they cut things in half?
A bandsaw is an absolute must for any evil supervillian furnishing a lair. You, of course, need to set up a conveyor belt that will bear that meddling spy, tied up, inexorably towards certain being-cut-in-half-ness. Be sure you set your blade speed for human flesh; it wouldn't do to dull the blade.


CNC Mill
The same part of my personality that rejoices at the thought of unnecesarily complicated card games loves the CNC mill. This is a mill (remarkably adaptable machine that, amoung other things, puts holes in stuff) controlled by a programmable computer. So you tell it what you want (say, 112 holes in a very specific pattern on an aluminum bracket, which is what I did today) and clamp your soon-to-be-holey bit of metal to the movable table, and it tells you exactly how to move everything for each hole. Everything comes out very exact, and a not-particularly-well-trained monkey could do it. (Oddly, shopmasters seem to frown on people who make monkey noises at the CNC mills. I wonder why?)
A couple of things are worth noting about the CNC mill: it can make beautiful hair-thin spiral metal shavings that get tangled around the drill bit like seaweed around a propeller. The other is the sheer grace and quiet power of the thing - the table and bit move smoothly, and exactly, and one gets the distinct feeling of quiet perfection. It's like playing a particularly old, mellow violin.


Current Mood: accomplished
Current Music: Gravity Kills - Poetry And Power

After a few aborted attempts at clever or insightful responses, all I have to say is:

uzumaki... uzuMAki... UZUMAKI!

o/~ I found a spiiiiiiiiiiral o/~

A: I am very surprised that you rated the bandsaw higher than the mill. I mean, the mill goes zoop! zoop! and stuff.

B: Now, you gotta review a SPOTWELDER.

C: belt sanders are cooooooooooooool.

That reminds me that I got to use a concrete saw the other day. This thing is so cool. You can cut cars in half with it. Unfortunatly my boss wouldn't let me.

Keen! I want one! Anything that can cut cars in half gets five stars.