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Okay, I know, we're all sick of hearing about my windows woes. But this is too funny to keep to myself.

I'd wanted to upgrade an installation of Windows 98 to Win2K, in order to try and fix a host of problems (won't dial up. won't share files. TWAIN drivers broken. phantom mouse. won't compile code. won't run netscape. probably others I am forgetting.) So I somehow ended up with a seperate installation of 2K - no overlap at all. (I booted from the CD-ROM after yet another standard install crashed, and it did not give me a choice.)

Okay, that's not so bad, though it isn't at all what I wanted. However, once upon a time xmurf backed up his laptop phssthpok to Avatara blue's hard drive. Four times, the entire thing, system files and all. I found three of them and, forewarned, deleted them right before the install.

The windows installer found the fourth one. It found all the system files and went, "Hey, systems files. These need to be updated. And they're in the wrong places. I'll just fix that, and move them. I'm so helpful."

I was originally completely mystified as to why I was receiving bizarre-beyond-belief error messages from things like 'BatteryScope' and 'Sony MediaBar'. By the time I started getting a constant stream of error messages from 'Sony Vaio Utilities' I kinda had a guess.

So... the Windows installer installed the Sony laptop utilities on Win2k! And Win98, I think. And they crash. A lot. This leads to the very strange mental image of Avatara blue, a bulky desktop machine notable mostly for the variety of bizarre peripherals, sewn Frankenstein's Monster-style onto half of a teeny tiny Vaio laptop with uninsulated copper wire, shedding bright blue sparks. Heh.
I'm just waiting for it to suddenly switch to the (pornographic) image from Phssthpok's desktop when one of my (mormon) roommates is using it. I know that's unlikely, but you never know.

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