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Boom! Sparkle!

We could see two displays from our perch on the hillside over the dark circle of hills and water: the distant fire from a barge on the water, and the ones right overhead, being fired off by the people at the block party. (Actually, we could see at least two more dispalys, but they were so distant I didn't bother.)

This is looking out across the water, over the industrial district:

I have a whole bunch of pictures that look more or less like this, with variations. Some of them have fuzzy sunbursts of distant fireworks, some of them are darker, and the lights of the city are as a handful of stars. One of them depicts a rainbow sunset, red at the horizon to indigo overhead. Another, the loom of the sky is strung in blue and green and purple. I'd like to combine four of them to get an image of the city the way I remembered it, the sky just so, and the fireworks reflected on the water, and the inverted web of stars. But I haven't done that yet.

And here are the fireworks right overhead:

So.... xmurf? I admit it, you were right, they came out okay. Hrmph. It's amazing how many things one can do wrong and still get good pictures. Of fireworks, at least.

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