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I can make this one public, because Random won't have a chance to see it before he arrives here. Calligraphy + sumi-e:


  • The poem is vertical, which was a stylistic choice to go with the whole 'heights' theme. Originally, I'd wanted the poem to sort-of suggest mist rising around the mountain, but I failed to take into account the difference in ink darkness, and the end result is something close to a mountain spun of mist and sunlight, lurking behind the poem. It reads:
    noborishi Fuji noI climbed Mount Fuji and
    itadaki nias my legs trembled
    ashi wananakiteon its peak
    yume samen to suawoke

    Written by Masaoka Shiki, 1941. The translation given here is from the Japanese Text Initiative, which is a great and wonderful thing.

  • The calligraphy was hard. Balancing the characters, trying to run them into one flow, and the fact that they're about a third (linear, not area) of the size I usually work at - maybe I need a smaller brush? There are two types of characters in this piece: kanji, which are pictographic, and something I'm almost starting to get good at, and hiregana, which are syllabic, and much simpler. All the complicated ones are kanji, and I think they look cramped and uneasy - just too tiny. Something to work on. I do, however, like how graceful the hiregana came out.

    I tried to make the characters thinner, and more graceful, so that they looked less like a herd of cats all self-absorbed, and a little more like falling rain. I think I suceeded, but this is something I need more practice at.

  • The crinkles are because the rice paper does not lie flat in the scanner, and they're a lot less obvious in the original.

  • I bought rice paper and several blank fans to paint on at Uwajimaya today. Er, yesterday. (I'm still up from last night, what with inkpainting and working on the robot and reading and cleaning.) The smallest fans are a great size for two kanji in my usual style. The largest one, I will probably try to paint a scene on. I'm also thinking I'd like to eventually (!) tackle painting a large screen. Will probably have to have the screen custom-built, though, to do what I want.

  • I just yawned hard enough to make my eyes water, and the tear that rolled down my cheek was black with ink. I'm still trying to figure out how I manage to get so much ink on myself. None on my forehead, this time, but there's a smear on my nose that somewhat resembles a pine cone.

Comments? Does anyone else want one? I'm going to need lots of practice at this... :)
And now, to bed with me. 'm rather tired. May your day be as enjoyable as mine has been so far.

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