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Previously locked to the "surprise Random" group. As of 6/19/2002, public.

(Sumi is Japanese for 'charcoal' and e for 'picture'. It refers to a particular style of inkpainting developed by Zen monks: the depiction of the essence of something. Fluid lines, and simplicity, and monochrome.)

This is a surprise for randomdreams; he can't see this entry. I'm going to add a hokku about climbing Mount Fuji - Random is a mountain biker with a particularly high "because it's there!" factor. So this image, my first Sumi-e ever, is really just background, but I'm happy with it. It's at the top of a long vertical sheet, and the poetry will be painted beneath it.

I'd done a whole bunch of mountains, on newspaper (The stranger, and sunday comics), on the backs of old calligraphy, on scraps of vellum bearing inksketched portraits from a long-ago disasterous art class (I'm very low on rice paper) and was happy with none of them. There was no being to them; they were just an upside down V or two. And I was not getting anywhere.

So I picked up a clean sheet of paper, and did the kanji for mountain, which is very straightforward, a few knife-straight flicks of the brush. And then I picked up another clean sheet of rice paper, and did this, Random's mountain:

Critiques? Please? It looks good to me, but I suspect only because the inkscrawls I did before it were so much worse. And should I post it again when the calligraphy is done, with my commentary on the calligraphy, and the poetry, and the poet?

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