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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Previously locked to the "surprise Random" group. As of 6/19/2002, public.

(Sumi is Japanese for 'charcoal' and e for 'picture'. It refers to a particular style of inkpainting developed by Zen monks: the depiction of the essence of something. Fluid lines, and simplicity, and monochrome.)

This is a surprise for randomdreams; he can't see this entry. I'm going to add a hokku about climbing Mount Fuji - Random is a mountain biker with a particularly high "because it's there!" factor. So this image, my first Sumi-e ever, is really just background, but I'm happy with it. It's at the top of a long vertical sheet, and the poetry will be painted beneath it.

I'd done a whole bunch of mountains, on newspaper (The stranger, and sunday comics), on the backs of old calligraphy, on scraps of vellum bearing inksketched portraits from a long-ago disasterous art class (I'm very low on rice paper) and was happy with none of them. There was no being to them; they were just an upside down V or two. And I was not getting anywhere.

So I picked up a clean sheet of paper, and did the kanji for mountain, which is very straightforward, a few knife-straight flicks of the brush. And then I picked up another clean sheet of rice paper, and did this, Random's mountain:

Critiques? Please? It looks good to me, but I suspect only because the inkscrawls I did before it were so much worse. And should I post it again when the calligraphy is done, with my commentary on the calligraphy, and the poetry, and the poet?

Current Mood: Curiously Zen
Current Music: Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

Please, do post it again when it's finished!

It's lovely, although i'm not qualified to critique.

server trouble of various forms

So, my server is not up; due to the recent Apache exploit, it's offline.
shadowblue has generously agreed to host this picture. Except for the next couple of hours, he's running scandisk. So if you can't see the picture, that's why.
Come back in a couple of hours, or wait until I repost it with calligraphy. (I require very little encouragment to post more art, and the lovely digitalis provided it.)

Re: server trouble of various forms

I like it quite a bit. I like the simplicity yet depth possible with sumi-e.
Not that if you are running Apache on a 32-bit Unix system that the worst that can happen is a DoS on apache itself. If you've brought apache down, then you are already doing worse than the exploit is.

its most cool!

but then, i only learned now (thanks to you) what sumi-e means (been wondering what that photoshop filter does and why it does that for ages now...) so i'm not sure i'm qualified...

> but then, i only learned now (thanks to you) what sumi-e means (been wondering what that photoshop filter does and why it does that for ages now...) so i'm not sure i'm qualified...

Actually, that tells me a lot. Sumi-e and many other Japanese art forms (like anime) are very stylized - certain small details have meaning (like the whole eye-shape being a reflection of gender in anime - with some anime, it's the only way to tell the genders apart). So if someone who knows nothing about sumi actually thinks that scribble looks like a mountain, I'm doing better than I thought. Thank you!


heh. well, had i not known it was supposed to be a mountain, i might have thought it was a scribble, but i suppose we'll never know now, will we?

it's lovely.
But I'd like to see it with all that other stuff in your last sentence ...
Right now it ... waits for them.

It looks good to me, and conveys the 'feel' of mountain to me. BTW, I like how you got past your block on doing this Sumi-e. Definitely would like to see the finished product and the commentary. :)

Ooooh....Oooohhhh....*sparkly!* urm, any, er, please put any of your unwanted art pieces on my bed will ya? *Big Grin* Please? -I'm probably not going to see this piece there am I? ^.^ Merfer likes Corvi-Sama's work! (This pic really does have a lot in it. Very Corvi to be able to emulate it with just some ink and a brush)

I have dozens and dozens of unclaimed kanji, if you want them. I was using them for scrap paper, painting right over the top of the kanji to test brushstrokes.
As this is my first ever sumi-e, and it's a gift for randomdreams... well, it isn't extra. I guarentee you there will be dozens of extras, though, as I try to learn this. I'll keep you in mind, oh very shiny roommate.

It makes me want to climb a mountain.