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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
Eclipse II

So, without further ado, my multiple-exposure eclipse photo:

So, this is the eclipse, every five minutes, from about twenty minutes in to about ten minutes after the maximum. (It starts twenty minutes in because the tripod got jarred the first time, somehow, and I had to reset it.)It's not perfect. Oh, how it isn't perfect! The first two shots are botched (that's the one way up high, and the one right after it that got doubled.) But I've never attempted anything like this before, and I am quite delighted with the result.

The feathery lights off to the sides are leakage from the sun on clouds. Every time a cloud passed in front of the sun, there appeared through the filters a rippling, shifting pattern of marks on the face of the sun, like tiny leaves in a storm wind. It was beautiful.


Wow! That's a really cool image. The feathering from the clouds actually really makes it -- they add a tiny bit of context to things, and break up the very cool, but also very geometric progression of the suns.

Hmm... Suns. I wonder how long, if ever, it will be before someone actually sees first-hand the setting of the double suns in a binary system...

Good point. xmurf developed the roll we shot jointly, and it just shows a bunch of black and white crescents, really. COuld be the sun, could be the moon, could have been done in photoshop. I personally think this one, for all its flaws (xmurf is a much better photographer), is neater.

HEY. WOW. Neeeeeeeeeeefty.

And not only do the technical fuck-ups not matter, I think I like it *better* the way it is ... I mean, anybody can buy an astronomy textbook and have a technically perfect eclipse succession picture to hang on their wall or whatever.

I think the imperfections make it interesting. Both the feathering AND the mysterious extra suns.

Thanks! That's good to know; I'm always wanting reassurance on artistic endeavours. I'd been trying to decide whether to photoshop it to get rid of the extra or misplaced suns, so it's very good to know you like them.

Beautiful. I wish I'd been there.


that is too cool.

This was very popular at work yesterday. One of the graphic designer's was oohing and aahing over it as well...
Thanks for the pic...

Cool! It's one thing to tolerate the amateurish work of people you kinda know, but... yeah.
Thank you!
>silly grin