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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

From Field Researcher A-135C
Assigned to surveillance of Geekus Scholasticae tribe

Today the tribe I have been watching participated in some sort of quaint sun ritual. I trailed them through their urban habitat to some sort of sacred area, whose location was known to only a few of the members. They tiptoed through some sort of forbidden area to reach their destination, past a locked door opened by some gestures arcane and mysterious. Truly a superstitious people these be!
Upon reaching their lofty destination, they erected a number of lightweight silver structures, and balanced devices called 'cam-era' upon each. It is this researcher's opinion that the 'era' in the name refers to the passage of time, for one of the tribe members (the one I've been calling Pale-Hair) was observed to keep a close eye on a chronometer of some sort and carefully activate one of the cam-eras exactly every five of their minutes. Perhaps this primitive religion believes that if they do not mark the passage of time themselves while the sun is hidden, it will not continue to pass.
They also created philters. Our dictionary defines 'philter' as "1 : a potion, drug, or charm held to have the power to arouse sexual passion", so it is unclear why this backwards tribe referred to their framed assemblages that way, but this researcher did note two of the geeks (Speaks-with-Rhetoric and Strange-Hat) cuddling, so perhaps the philters were effective. They appeared to be holding them in the air between themselves and the sun, perhaps to invoke the power of the sun. One member of the tribe had ceremonial headgear, which was passed around.
Some of their ritual observances this scientist cannot begin to guess at.
In summary, the tribe appeared to enjoy this strange ritual immensely, and it seemed harmless enough. Further study recommended.

Wow, that was fun. I love being an acrophile - just being on a nice high roof tasting the wind was great. I attempted a multiple exposure; if it comes out, it will be gorgeous. Shadow-crescents cast by xmurf's gaping 2-gauge piercings, by the fuzzy halo of eeyorerin's hair, the gaps between my fingers. Once, a long time ago, I gave eeyorerin a circlet of stars as a token of friendship. Now I have finally seen her wear it, her shadow crowned with the crescents of sunlight. Pictures to post tommorrow, should all go well.

Current Mood: sillysilly
Current Music: They Might Be Giants - Why Does the Sun Shine?

Hilarious, beautiful, I love it.

Nice song choice, too.

Oh, good. I'm always worried that posts like this are a little too stupid to be funny. Nice to have independant confirmation.

Unrelated note: you should be posting in your own journal, too. ;p

I'm a critical point in my life right now, which reduces my posting energy.

Ah. Well, good luck and peace to you, while everything sorts out.

*grin* The field report is very cool.

I'm very sad to have missed the eclipse due to work! I really want to see the pictures too. :)

I love the field report. But no native-name for fishy? ;)

Actually, what happened was I came up with one for everyone except rigel_p, even the bosstype who showed up. (Man, I wish I had the kind of boss who would sneak onto the roof of a building for an eclipse!) So then decided only to put in a few of them. Fishy is, of course, a preist with some sort of ceremonial belt with various pouches full of mystical devices in it, and Talks-To-Drawing-Surface. Obviously some sort of mystic ritual to bring the drawings thereon to life.

LOL! That's just perfect. :)

Man, I am sooo not an acrophile. Didja notice me snuggling close to the center of the roof most of the time?

That was fabulous fun. I'll try to drag Strange Hat's sorry butt to the Film Stop today. :)

And I didn't realize my hair was doing eclipse shadows. That's shiny!