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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

I am feeling the urge to make salt water taffy. And to post to livejournal a lot, apparently.

Take-home question: do you prefer a particular flavor of salt-water taffy?



Cinnamon, or peanut butter.

Vinegar or peanut butter. But sometimes I get a real craving for the licorice.

Licorice licorice licorice!!!! Please oh please oh please....can I lick the bowl? Please oh please oh please?!!! :D

I love being your roommate when you're in a creative cooking mood! :D

Ooo ooo ooo! Licorice licorice! Wheeee!

Also peanut butter and other goodness. I just like salt water taffy in general. Good, good stuff.

peppermint! yes! :)

and lemon
but not together

I have box of salt water taffy in my room. When I find my favorite, I'll let you know.:)

Chocolate. No, peanut butter. No, chocolate. No, peanut butter. Um...choconut butter?

After that, the taffy-flavored taffy ... uh... molasses flavored? the dark rich one.

Fruit flavors. Almost any kind, but definately raspberry, cherry, orange, and lemon.