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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]
forgive me, father, for I have sinned

Bah. I decided I wasn't going to do any quiz spam. But this one is interesting, and nicely meta, being about livejournal.

Number of people on my lj friends list: 50, of which there are 47 distinct humans not counting me
...whom I've met in person: 25
...whom I've met in person more than once: 24
...whose house I've been to: counting dorm rooms, 12. without, 7
...who have been to my house: 16
...whose precise location I know offhand: 9 (that is, I could actually find the location)
...whose full names I know offhand: 25 (interestingly, not the same 25 I've met)
...whom I've known more than 3 years: 3
...who live outside my country: At least 3. Two of them very far away.
...whose journal I consider myself "addicted" to: 2, and I barely know either.
...whom I've lived with: 5
...who's an ex: 1
...who I'd do: 1
...who I've done: 2
...who I have a secret crush on: hm. Howabout s/secret crush/irresistable and inexplicable nonromantic fascination with? Then I can say 3. Having a non-crushing personality is boooooring.

Hopefully Sunday, the number of met-in-person and who-have-been-to-my-house will both go up by two. Heh. If I can get up the courage to go to a party tommorrow, I can raise met-in-person and been-at-their-house.


You have sinned! But i find this one entertaining, so you're forgiven. Bonus points for hiding behind the curtain. Now i'm going to sin by doing on in my journal.

Bwa ha ha! Double sin points. Not only do I sin, but I lead another of the normally-devout (I didn't see a single quiz in your journal, for which I thank you) astray!

There are maybe half a dozen but they're hidden amongst the fifty million pages of dreck i write daily. :}

I don't take a quiz unless it means something to me personally in a weird sort of way, and then i'll usually talk about it with the quiz-result entry. I actually do the friday fives when they particularly appeal to me as well. Not many, but i feel guilty even about the few. ;}

This is technically a survey, not a quiz.

And I feel just as dirty as you do for taking it.

This is not my believing face.
You take and post a LOT of quizzes and their pointless images.

Hey now, to my credit, I only post the ones with cute and/or colorful images. :P

Wheeeeeee shiny things! :P

That's a good criteria, and very fitting for you.
Now I'm wondering if I should do somethign silly, like only post images that are green.


Surveys are a whole new breed of evil, though.