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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Cessna is suddenly and unexpectedly dead. I am feeling very sad, and kinda responsible.

It appears to be whatever it was that originally rendered him sick and flightless without any obvious symptoms except a bit of blood in his beak, internal bleeding of some sort - the only sign is a bit of blood in his droppings.

I feel like if I hadn't encouraged him to get some exercise and flutterscuttle around yesterday, he would not have aggravated it, and would be fine now. But he was so bored, and so happy to get outside and explore...


Current Mood: sadsad

I'm very sorry to hear about Cessna.
The same thing has happened to me with almost every animal I've ever tried to save: Anthrax the bunny who lived for a week and a half, the cardinal that hit the window, the robin that got hailed on. They lived for a while, seemed to do okay, then suddenly dropped.
I suspect they are stressed by the environment and more suseptible to infections, particularly if they're somewhat injured, and when the infection starts, in such a small animal with such a rapid metabolism, it's nearly instantaneous.
Poor Cessna.

Oh, poor Cessna. Poor corvi. I am sorry.


I know it's not much comfort, but you gave him a week he wouldn't've had, and you made him happy. If he had internal injuries nothing could have saved him anyway. And as you said, he was so happy to go outside and play. You did the right thing. Life just sucks.


:( Sorry to hear about that. I was actually surprised Cessna did sound like he was thriving, since from what litle I know/have observed from birds, they don't act sick at all unless they are about ready to drop. No comfort, I know. You aren't responsible, the fluttering and exercise made him happy, which was a very good thing. 'sides, birds have very little blood in their bodies to being with, so it's way too easy for them to bleed to death. It sounds to me like you gave him a nice place out of the elements for his final days, and that he was happy with you, so please don't blame yourself.

Hugs and sympathy!!

I still think you have healing hands and you're still my personal shaman. You didn't cure him, as it appeared you might have, but you did provide a very fine and positive hospice experience for him, and under the circumstances, that's quite a lot.

... Thanks. That helps, for some reason.

I just feel, absurdly, like there was more I should have been able to do.
(This in spite of the fact that I ran symptoms and diagnosis and proposed care plan past the research pathologist/biology professor/practicing veterinarian who raised me, and she agreed on all counts.)

Poor both of you. I agree with those comments that have gone before... he spent his last week happy and comfortable and warm and safe, thanks to you. You did everything that could possibly have been done.

It's remarkable how quickly one becomes attached to living things...I want the little swallow back.

If he was bleeding internally, there's nothing more you could have done. You gave him a happy, positive experience to go out on.