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October 2008
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corvi [userpic]

Cessna is doing very well. He's in the small quarentine cage, far away from the other birds. Until today, fed him sugar water with an eyedropper. Today he got hamburger. (All american swallow - junk food and red meat!) He really, really likes hamburger. I get this image of him being released back to his buddies, and a whole flock of swallows descending en masse upon some poor cow and utterly skeletonizing it, to the sound of a symphony of cute little chirps.
He also went outside and fluttered around a bit today. He's definitely feeling better, but still favoring one wing quite a bit. He seems only a little short of flying. I wonder if it would do any good to set up the large flight cage outside for him, let him get back into shape before release?


Might not be a bad idea, especially since Cessna might've been sitting on the tarmac for a while before you found him. If nothing else, making sure he can fly well means he'll be able to catch his own food. (At least, in theory.) I'm no vet, but my dad and I used to take in all kinds of different hurt birds. And I used to watch swallows out here quite a lot when I was younger. It's incredible watching them catch bugs on the wing, the way they swoop and dive in these incredible aerial acrobatics. Anyways, just my $.02.