September 28th, 2006


In which the average kinetic energy of the molecules of a domecile are to be increased

caladri and I need to warm our (Seattle) house! Please come help us make glass beads, cook in the fireplace, make pyrex shot glasses, play with naphtha, make s'mores, (and possibly smelt copper or sinter silver, depending on interest - there are only two of us, and we do want some social time), bake fall foods, drink cider, and generally be exothermic!

A long mellow affair, starting at noon on October 21 and going into the night til we're done. Show up and leave whenever you like.

Bring your own body heat; we'll provide the rest of the entropy. :)


Will you you help us increase the entropy of the house?

Yes, and you should include me in your dinner count. I wish to increase entropy by consuming chemical energy!
Yes, but I'll get there too late or leave too early for dinner. I will only contribute entropy in the form of fire.
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe. In the true spirit of this party, my arrival is dependent on random chance.
No, I live too far away/am not available/hate you/would rather set YOU on fire.

You're welcome to bring guests. if they have livejournals, they can fill out the poll. If they haven't, please comment to let us know. We'll send out directions closer to the event; everyone lost is not the sort of chaos we're aiming for. :)