October 29th, 2004


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Pumpkin-Carving/Eclipse-Watching/randomdreams-Poking Party: YAY!

I am going to recommend that pumpkins replace rorshach tests. We have randomdreams, who carved duplicates of some of picasso's work. corivax made a raven perched on a gravestone that says NEVERMORE, with a japanese maple branch in the background. lilsquishy made an intricate abstract faberge' pumpkin, and manintheboat made a perverse hannukah pumpkin. And of course vixyish made an impossibly cute fox. If any of these surprise you, you haven't been paying attention. :)

Honorable mention to gfish, who paced around with a pumpkin in his hands, musing out loud with xmurf about how to chuck it in a hypothetical pumpkin lathe.

Have I mentioned recently we'd make a good sitcom? :)

more photos.