May 8th, 2004



I finally have internet access again, so I just made SIXTEEN posts, backdated, because I'm not that annoying. If you're only interested in some aspects of this trip, here are links to the posts:

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homesickness (friends only)
transgender ninja moose
snow, and what it reveals (friends only, really wierd)
dead things and other roads
more ninja moose dorkery

(whooops, missed one)

(Day 13, out of order)
We just saw FOUR bears within five miles, wandering along the side of the highway, eating new green shoots. I now have an entire roll of film devoted to bears ambling about, sniffing grass, and eying the photographer with placid curiousity.

This trend worries me, though. No bears. Yesterday, one bear. Today, four bears. Tomorrow I expect to turn on the radio and hear "The Alcan is heavily congested today due to thousands and thousands of bears! Oh no! The bears are actually getting into the cars and driving, and their licenses are years out of date! Who is driving? Bear is driving! How can this be?!"

You heard it here first.