June 8th, 2002


kanji 101: karasu

As requested by lumiere, who always has cool requests, this is karasu, crow/raven.

I would love to wax rhapsodic about the etymology, but it's pretty simple. This is a modification of a pictograph of a bird. The arched piece at the bottom, with the somewhat feather-shaped bits below it? Wing. Head and beak at top.

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Does anyone know where I can get more rice paper in the Seattle area? I'm getting kinda low, low enough that I'm reusing sheets, which is a wierd experience - I'm aware of the ink already on the page, and it's harder to focus on the new stuff. Does Uwajimaya carry it?
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Kanji 101: cho

This is cho, which, interestingly, means both "to listen carefully" and "to ask."

Four pieces to this one. On the left, a stylized ear above 'still'. Stand still listening, listen standing still. The piece on the right is an entire character of its own, usually interpreted 'virtue' - the flamelike thing on the bottom is 'heart' and the bit about is 'direct'. To act from the heart, to follow the dictates of the heart. So, cho - to listen with the heart, listen in stillness, listen in love.

It has picked up the associated meaning "to ask" comparatively recently. This is a nice word/concept.