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corvi [userpic]
Oh, I guess I should mention this at some point

So ages ago, caladri and I applied for a spot on the Mongol Rally. The general idea there is 'start in London, get a car, drive to Mongolia, raise money for some useful cause or another'.

We didn't get a spot and were waitlisted, waaaaaay down on the list.

A couple of weeks ago, they emailed us. Did we want a spot? They'd emailed us, of course, because nobody on the waiting list wanted to drive on nonexistant, radioactive, bandit-ridden "roads" fundraising for various Mongolian charities with less than a month's notice. Of course nobody took them up on it. That would be silly.

The shuttle comes to take us to the airport in three hours.

If you would like to hear about London, Prague, Chernobyl, Ulaan Bataar, Kazakhstan, or our miserable failure to get there: teamalala. Especially if you want to give us money. :)

Packing now. *panic*

Current Mood: scaredscared

Crazy fucker.

Bon voyage, y'all!

brilliant. I am in awe.

Take photos. Write. Tell us all about it.

Wow, that’s awesome! I’m highly envious!

Very cool. http://daspatrick.livejournal.com/profile did the same race last year.

You're nuts, you know that? Me? I'm buying popcorn and friending teamalala.

Good luck!

i think someone else i know did this. crazy fun.

i think the operating phrase was "assume everything you bring with will be lost, broken, or stolen; have a good time!"

if it glows, don't eat it!


Eeeee! Bon voyage and godspeed! :D

You guys are awesome. <3

I'm looking forward to reading all about it. (Sorry about the mistaken request to join the community, I just meant to add it to my watchlist.)

Ha ha. We made it! All the fucking way around! *smooch*

OT: I hope you don't mind that I added you again.