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A very prosaic update, discussing school and the like, for those who wonder. New quarter started Monday.

  • That Damn Robot was pushed back a year by our inability to get the pressure testing done in time. You would not believe how much paperwork NASA wants for zero-gravity flights.
  • Because I value the chance to experience zero gravity over mere classwork, I dramatically failed a class last quarter. (but gracefully passed all the others with varying margins).
  • This isn't actually a problem, because normally my grades are very good, and because the CS department here is very close-knit and unlikely to cast out so unusual a student as myself; throwing out undergrads involved in as much interesting research as I've been is bad departmental karma.
  • ... except for the fact that I'm taking another class by the same professor. And he, of course, recognizes me. I forget the White Haired effect, sometimes.
  • Surprisingly, I'm still on track to graduate this quarter. Which, since we delayed the robot a year, puts me in a truly bizarre position: I need to still be a student next year so I'm eligible for zero-gee. So I'm digging in my heels and squealing. "No! I don't wanna graduate! Don't make me go out there!"
  • Which means two quarters of no requirements, taking whatever interests me. and leaving myself enough time to unwind, or be artistic, or take up new projects. As velvetknife put it, that sounds a lot like paradise.
  • The cherry trees are blooming, a thick cloud of silver and scent and sunlight. It's lovely, hypnotic. I have a few more days until full bloom, which is when I want to shoot the next set of hanafuda pictures.
  • I was walking to the honors office today, and Mendicant came and sat upon my shoulder. I was nervous, for this is the first time I've bourne him since I got my helix pierced, and I was not sure any crow could resist a bright, shiny silver ring through my ear. He tapped the top ring once with his beak, but then went back to picking up strands of my hair and burbling softly. He did not seem to be particularly annoyed that I had nothing to feed him; in fact, he seemed rather happy.
    I wonder if Mendicant missed me as much as I missed him, last quarter, when That Damn Robot ate all my daylight hours and the short days drove him early to his roost?
    It seems, though, that with a crow on my shoulder, all is right in the world, and all things are as they should be.
  • I saw Sable as well, perched in the last blossom dregs of the plum tree, eyeing a student eating a bagel.
  • I even saw Velvet, flying about with another crow, almost wing-to-wing. Looked to be enjoying herself. Spring's gotten into her blood, I think.
  • I saw a raptor of some sort circling high over campus as well. Thought of eisa, oddly enough.

So... hm. Gee, that was boring. Well, it answers the questions about my grades, to those who were wondering. I'm going to go to bed and hope my day tommorrow contains something of more interest.

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