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corvi [userpic]
Return of the son of the "anonymous confession" meme; blame cow

Anonymous meme:
Comment, confess, gloat, or ask.
Not haiku? Delete! :)

IP logging off
No packets drift to me here
Like falling snowflakes.

Current Mood: sillysilly

Emoticon smiley:
Still you foil my evil plots
With no syllables.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Not haiku! Delete!
Please repost and follow rules.
Alas, I lack chat.

We should chat online
You need a chat service now
Journals are not fast

My home is lovely:
Bookcase, harp, and harpsichord
But no internet. :)

you never finished
your dramawhoring meme thing
or did you get bored?

I still intend to
But those posts take forever
Nanowrimo blocks.

Mutant memes breed
H5N1 in vitro
Only sillier

Not anonymous, but it's really spelled "mischief". Just thought you should know.

Color me impressed
Nit-picking as artistic
As Fuji's soft snows. :)


Though I turn away,
and don't admit it, I still
think of suicide


Though my life is great
I still contemplate, as well.
Does it ever stop?


we can crave an end
and stop only when achieved
shadow recalls light


Dark time wanders silent
Little feet in shadow lost
Sharp knives held ready


I love her dearly
and sleep with her male roommate
both she doesn't know


Curiousity -
(cats peer into dark corners)
Do you love roommate?


quiet as aurora
we mix our lust and friendship
an old arrangement


We both care for her
She cares for neither of us
we go on, as friends


someone make me laugh
magnolia tree's in bloom
life's too good to waste


I try not to ache
for the beauty of her skin
with blood along it


Recently, I learned
that a man I dislike shares
an ex-love's birthday.

I should do this too,
'Cause it's fun, and I missed it
Due to filk and stuff.

Ah! You have now entered The Mushroom Zone!

Lovely. Happy hunting, safe and tasty dining, and a wonderful small world to you.

Misled by layout
I've strayed beyond the post
I meant to answer

Might as well compound
the error, saying how I
giggled at your "snow"